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The Sorter Station of Recyclable Waste

The sorter hall of recyclable waste was inaugurated on the 8th of December 2010 and it complies both with the strictest Romanian requirements and those of the European Community. The aim of the creation of the sorter hall was to ensure the adequate treatment of the household and industrial waste collected selectively form the metropolitan zone Oradea and Bihor county.
The technological process is carried out by the attentive mechanical and manual sorting of the selectively collected waste, so that these could be transformed into secondary material and could be introduced into the industrial circuit, for the saving up of natural resources and energy.

The ground-space of the sorter hall is of 2,500 square meters it is a closed hall made on a light metallic structure. In this building there are both the technological equipments for the sorting of waste and the social-administrative block.
The main components of the sorting equipment are the following:
- sack opener (for the waste taken over in plastic sacks)
- rotary sieve (strainer)
- sorter cabin
- boxes for the sorted waste
- magnetic separator
- baling press
- the pertaining transport bands.
The capacity of the sorter station is of 35,000 tons of waste/year, quantity of sorted and bailed waste. The waste bailed according to categories is stored in the hall of the merchantable sorted waste, from where it is delivered to our clients on the basis of the existent contracts.
The recyclable waste is received free of charge in the sorter hall!
Our products are selected with great attention by assortment, colour and composition. These include the following categories:
1. PET bottles
2. foil
3. plastic materials of different types
4. paper
5. carton
6. aluminium bottles
7. glass
8. energetically merchantable mixed waste etc.

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