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The Ecological Dump of Harmless Waste

The ecological Dump of Oradea was so made that the waste deposited cannot have a negative effect upon the environmental factors: water, air, soil.
The protection of soil and round water was worked out by the construction of a multilayer isolation at the inferior layer of the dump and its equipping with a complex system of sewage that collects the rainwater fallen upon the surface of waste.
The water collected as such is stored within an impermeable basin. In the first phase this water is recirculated in the dump then it will be purified.

The multilayer isolation system consists of:
- 30 cm ditch of separation of sections of gravel sort 16/32
- 50 cm gravel sort 16/32
- 1200 g/m protective geo-textile
- geo-membrane HDPE 2.5 mm
- geo-electrical monitoring system 
- bentonite layer, Bentofix
- 50 cm natural mineral isolation , argil (k = 10 -8 m/s)
- bottom
The accidental cracks of the HDPE membrane will be detected with a precision of 50 cm with the help of the geo-electrical monitoring system formed of electrical networks and sensors put under the membrane.

The protection of air consists of capturing of the gas produced due to the anaerobe decomposing processes of the organic material from waste. This capturing is made with the help of some wells placed vertically in the mass of waste. The collected biogas may be able to be used as a source of energy in the vicinity of the dump. 
At last the deposit is covered with a isolation layer similar to that presented above (see photo 1) that will eliminate any infiltration of water into the deposit. The deposit closet like this will be covered with 2m of vegetal soil and it twill be grassed, thus it will be integrated again in the natural environment and landscape. (see photo 3).

The deposit can be reintegrated in our daily lives ensuring a large variety of activities, as a principle for the aims of recreation: parks, golf-courses, educational centres etc.


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