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The Compost Station

The compost station was inaugurated on the 8th of December 2010 and it complies both with the strictest Romanian requirements and those of the European Community. The aim of the creation of the compost station was to ensure the adequate treatment of the organic biodegradable waste collected selectively form the metropolitan zone Oradea and Bihor county.

The technological process is made of several stages, some of them are simple (chopping, rotating of prisms, mechanical sorting), and others more complex (laboratory tests, calculations for the establishment of the necessary additives), following which several types of end-products are obtained such as:
1. universal black mould for flowers (in different packages 3l, 5l, 10l, 15l etc), with a content of organic compost of category I, turf, humus, clay and river-sand;
2. nutritive solution with compost extract;
3. compost for agriculture of category II.
The compost station is made of a concrete platform of 9,500 square meters (on which the main phases of the composting process happen), and a hall upon light metallic structure (for machinery, administering of the packed black mould for flowers).
The compost station is equipped with machinery of the latest generation.
The main ones of these are:
1. Chopper (PEZZOLATO S9000);
2. rotator of prisms (BACKHUS 16.36);
3. rotary sieve (strainer) (PEZZOLATO L3000)

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