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The Biogas Capturing System

It realizes the collecting of the biogas generated through anaerobe decomposition in the body of the deposit through the extraction wells of a depth of 10-17m.

Principles of operation

The energy generating system that operates on the basis of the motor with gas combustible in ideal cases has an efficiency of 85 %. Thus the biogas is transformed by co-generation into electrical energy in a percent of 30 %, and thermal energy 55 %.

The electrical energy will be used at the equipments of the ecological waste dump, respectively the excess of energy generated will be handed over through the existent electrical network.
The thermal energy may be captured from the motor block and from the escape pipe and it will be used within the works for heating and preparing of hot household water through a heat (thermal) switch. The excess of thermal energy can be used for the evaporation of the wastewater captured from the deposit.

The technological constructive elements

- Capturing (extracting) wells
- network of collecting pipes
- adjustment (collecting) stations
- main collector conduct – Separator of condensation product (condensation basin)
- impurity filter and drop separator
- vacuum pumps
- burning device
- electrical current generator with internal combustion engine with biogas
- device for monitoring, analysis of biogas


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